HAMSWAN 1503T 100ML Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • What type of water do you use? Tap or distilled?
    A: I've been using just tap water. It doesn't say you need to use distilled. The only thing it emphasizes is that you don't overfill it. It comes with a measuring cup. I hope my answer helps you.

    Is it possible to turn the light off but keep the machine running?
    A: Yes, they are two individual switches

    does the mist come out from the side or middle top?
    A: The mist comes out of the rim/side of the top, not the center.

    How do you clean it? Does it come with a brush?
    A: Hi,it does not come with a brush.And please wipe it with wet soft cloth.To avoid water flow into the power port.Hope this can help you.

    Does this beep when it shuts off?
    A: It does not. Does beep when you turn it on.