HAMSWAN FX-B6 Portable Wireless Doorbell

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  • Does this bell have a silent alert feature?
    A: Both receivers have lights which activate when transmitter pressed.

    Can it be programmed by own made sound via computer or programme etc?
    A: This is a basic wireless bell system. There appears to be no provision for inputting other sounds. You probably need a much more expensive system in order to have that facility. This does however have something like 50 different sounds from a conventional bell sound, all sorts of jingles and even a dog bark.

    Mine did not come with a battery in the transmitter and I cannot locate a battery that fits the stated specs. Any ideas?
    A: Yes, try Walgreen/CVS/Walmart or any big store look for Energizer "A23" Battery aka 12 Volt. It will be with smaller batteries by hearing aids etc.

    Does the push button light up? Or does it just light when pushed?
    A: The doorbell lights a blue circle when button is pushed.

    Will it work through bick walls down a stairwell? its about 100-150 ft
    A: yes, works everywhere, works great.

    How loud can this get? if placed in a patio, can it be heard over kids playing and making noise?
    A: Yes. It is pretty loud and can be heard from adjacent rooms as well.

    Is the battery for the push-button unit rechargeable?
    A: No it is not rechargeable.

    Is light light always on or just when the button is pushed?
    A: Just when the button is pushed.

    Mine stopped working? What do I do?
    A: Unplug the bell unit. Press some buttons on it. Plug back in. Try a different outlet. Replace the battery in the Door bell ringer