HAMSWAN U80 Bluetooth Smartwatch

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  • It’s says that you can’t get many apps or push messages for iPhone is that true?
    A: Yes it's true, you can answer and make calls but the app you need to buy doesn't work.

    Does this vibrate when calls come in?
    A: Yes, you can set the vibration or the bell ring.

    When you receive a call, can you talk via the Smartwatch i.e. can you literally talk through the watch to the other person?
    A: Yes you can. Using the App 'Smartwear', it works perfectly!

    Is a SD card needed or micro SD? And if an SD card is needed, what type?
    A: You do not have to have one as it can also use the phone memory.

    Does the scanner support 2d barcodes?
    A: Yes, it is phone watch.

    Does this use a standard SIM, Micro SIM or NANO SIM? thanks.
    A: No SIM it uses Bluetooth to access your mobile phone.

    Does the pedometer work?
    A: Yes it works. You have to swing your arms as part of your walking style though.

    What is the best android software to use with the Bluetooth smart watch?
    A: I use Smartwatch which you can download free from playstore which works no problem on this watch.

    Does this watch have a normal clock face image as well?
    A: Yes this watch does have an analogue watch face.

    Can you use it for take pictures?
    A: If you install the app BT Notice on your phone, and your phone can take pictures your watch becomes a monitor for your phone and you can capture a picture.