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HAMSWAN SC-Y005 3D VR Goggles Compatible with Smartphones

HAMSWAN SC-Y005 3D VR Goggles Compatible with Smartphones

HAMSWAN SC-Y005 3D VR Goggles Compatible with Smartphones

HAMSWAN SC-Y005 3D VR Goggles Compatible with Smartphones
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Product Description

What Makes It A Great 3D Virtual Reality Goggles?

The six parts of SC-Y005 3D VR headset


The headset is marked with detachable cover, elastic band

Adjustable pupil distance and object distance make you feel like watching a huge screen of 1050 inch in a 3m distance. It is also suitable for people who have myopia from 0° to 500°(without glasses).   It is easy to handle this headset with detachable cover. The elastic velcro band ensures a stable and safe bundle on mobile phone, which in turn has a good heat sinking to your phone.

A model of human head is wearing the headset


The headset is listed with 5 screen sizes of smart phone

Its innovative fabric design, light weight and comfortable wearing, which contribute to immersive visual experience with light definition images.   The headset is compatible with Android and ios. With detachable front lid, it supports almost all smart phones within 4.0 – 6.0 inch.

Product Information

Material ABS+Non-woven
Screen Size 4-6 inch
Visual Angle 90-100 degree
Weight 238g
Package 1*VR Headset, 1*User Manual, 1*Clean Clothing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What app should I download?
A: You can download multiple apps from the google app store. Just search for "virtual reality apps".

Q: How do I get the headset to work with Google cardboard?
A: Please just download the Google cardboard in your phone, then put the phone in the VR box and enjoy. 

Q: Can i watch 2d images like an fpv headset? I want to use it with liquidsky.
A: Yes, you could watch 2D images with this headset.

Q: Can I wear glasses?
A: The max frame size for glasses to fit comfortably in the headset is 150mm. I wear glasses and they fit inside no problem and without the lenses making contact even at max focal distance adjustment.

Q: Will the headset work with a clear gel screen protector on my samsung galaxy 6 edge phone.
A: Should be fine if you do not see any light refraction effects in normal use. The magnification will of course also magnify any image aberrations which might be caused by the screen protector. The extra size will not be a problem. 
Customer Reviews
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  • ByTay***
  • Jul 20, 2018
I had never purchased VR goggles before but have purchased other HAMSWAN products and liked them so I thought I would try these. These things are so cool! They work and look great, have a knob on the top to help bring the picture into focus and were not overly expensive. They are comfortable and lightweight and the strap that holds your phone in place is very sturdy.

Thank you!

By Manager Jul 20,2018 15:53:57

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