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HAMSWAN VKS314 Digital Kitchen Scale

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HAMSWAN VKS314 Digital Kitchen Scale
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Product Description

You can easily switch the unit among kg, g, oz, lb'oz by a slightly touch of the unit button. Easy to handle, a good kitchen helper for cooking. It is absolutely a perfect kitchen scale for those who love cooking.

A Good Digital Kitchen Scale for Cooking Enthusiasts

A kitchen scale stands on the table with raspberries on


The platform of kitchen scale is being wiped by one clothing

The scale adopts 4 high-precision sensors that offers exact measurements and keeps track of your food intake. It weighs up to 5kg from 1g.Perfect for baking, cooking, postage and so on.   Designed with an enlarged tempered glass weighing platform and anti-fingerprint technology, it's sturdy enough and easy to clean in normal use. Just wipe it with clean cloth for storage. No hassle for food left on the platform.

A guide to tare weighing is marked by four steps with actions


A kitchen scale and a coin

Two-button to switch on/off and tare. The precise TARE function can reset the current weight on the scales into zero, unit conversion even while you're measuring.   CR2032 Lithium battery extends its standby time. Its auto power off function can save more energy than AAA batteries. You can see the indication on the screen if it is out of batteries.


Product Information
Dimensions 18*14*1.85 cm
Weight 275 g
Voltage 3 V
Battery 210 mAh Lithium battery (included)
Package 1*Kitchen Scale, 1*User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you change the tare several times?
A: Yes, it can be infinitely reset.

Q: Is the top glass liquid proof?
A: Yes, the all-glass top is liquid proof.
Q: How big is the surface?
A: About 7" x 5.5" (18x14cm)
Q: How do I change the units on this scale?
A: Pushing the "Unit" button rotates through kg, g, oz and lb’oz.
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • BySad***
  • Jul 24, 2018
I was very impressed when I received this product. It's smaller than I expected which is good as its very easy to store. Its lightweight and there is no setup involved, it's already charged and works straight away. The measurements are accurate and its a great kitchen tool to add to the rest.

  • ByMoo***
  • Jul 24, 2018
While gram measures are only to the single unit gram, the fact that unlike other precision scales, that this one can handle much higher weight of up to 5kg makes this much more versatile, and the size of the unit is just right to allow for a variety of products to be measured.

Thanks for you review!

By Manager Jul 24,2018 18:49:53

  • ByJua***
  • Jul 20, 2018
ue pasada de báscula es pequeñita, pero aguanta bastante peso uno 5kg aproximados.
su superficie es de cristal con un acabado bastante bonito y su base de plástico negro con 4 mínimo patitas para una mejor subjencion, tiene varias media como kilos litros....

  • Bycec***
  • Jun 16, 2018
Bought this after comparing with other brands. The tempered glass is easy to clean. Use it to make my cake and it is accurate and contributes to the flavor. Like it.

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