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HAMSWAN YL-837 Mini Fan

Mini Handheld Fan

portable cooling fan USB rechargeable fan

HAMSWAN YL-837 Mini Handheld Fan
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Product Description

It’s a perfect period to enjoy sunshine and enthusiastic summer days outdoors. However, sometimes it is too hot to enjoy and you are unable to take big fans or air-conditioners everywhere. A mini handheld fan can help solve this problem. Take our mini fan, have a cool and relaxing trip in summer!

Why You Need A Mini Handheld Fan?

One side of fan with power button is marked with two levels of speed


The fan is held by one hand

Two Adjustable Speed Levels (Low-speed/ High-speed) allow you to choose appropriate speed by simply pushing the power button repeatedly. 4pcs big fan blades provide you with strong wind.   It won’t be more than easier to slip for using detachable silicon rubber case on handheld part of the fan. That’s more comfortable for people to use it even they have sweaty palm in summer.

The charging port of fan is marked with power bank, laptop, and adaptor


A girl is sitting beside the desk and a fan is lying on the desk.

With rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery, the fan can be perfectly charged with USB charger, computer, power bank and any other USB-enabled devices. Efficient power and conversion circuitry can minimize the loss to save energy and protect environment.   With Macaron color, minimal appearance and smooth-straight design, it is visually suitable for using in various scenarios. Besides, there is a rope inside of the package, which makes it used as a necklace fan. So convenient for you to carry it while on-the-go.


Product Information

Color White (silicon rubber case: grey)
Voltage 5V
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Operating Time High-speed: 1h; Low-speed: 2.5h
Charging Time 3-4h
Weight 137g
Dimensions 3.74*7.56*1.38in
Package List 1*Mini Fan, 1*Hand Rope, 1*USB Cable, 1*User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can you tell when the battery is fully charged?
A: The lights on the side by the charger turns green when fully charged.

Q: Does it have to be plugged in to work?
A: No, once it’s charged it will run without being plugged in.
Q: Can you use regular batteries that are not rechargeable?
A: No. The existing rechargeable battery is NOT a standard size, so regular batteries don't work.
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • BySa***
  • Jul 23, 2018
Used it at Disney World and I was able to stand the heat. Nice product!

  • ByRaf***
  • Jul 20, 2018
Da más aire del que imaginaba, sustituye perfectamente a un abanico, y mucho más cómodo

  • ByEdu***
  • Jul 14, 2018
I gave it a test run at an extremely hot southern Church in Florida with no AC and it kept me cool the entire time.

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